Import Omnisphere patches in bulk to Logic

There must be a better way to work with Omnisphere’s patch library, right?

My present approach:

  1. Locate a patch in Omnisphere.
  2. Save patch in Logic as a User Patch.

This is horribly cumbersome and silly. Isn’t there a way to import patches in bulk?


never used it before. good luck.

Hello Art,
Why don’t you simply use the preset browser within Omnisphere? It’s the best preset browser I’ve ever found in any plugin to be honest.

Where exactly do you want to bulk import patches into? Are you referring to the library in Logic?

On the Logicprohelp forum there is a very long forum post with a lot of plug-in presets in native Logic Pro format. The Omnisphere ones are there too, but I agree with Mikael that the preset browser in Omnisphere is pretty awesome.

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Did you include Omnisphere in your own package of native Logic presets Rinus? Is it even possible with 15000 presets or whatever Omnisphere has!? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m trying to minimize the number of windows that are open. Also, my folder labeling provides better description detail. I’m saving them in the Instrument folder for user patches.

Rinus, as I’m new to this, are you saying Omnisphere patches are in Logic already, or mentioned in the forum discussion? Doesn’t make sense that they would be in Logic. But what do I know.

I’ve never done that personally, but you have a good point Art. I will see if I can find a way, and if I do I will make sure to share it with you.

Mikael, thanks for keeping me posted on your discoveries for happier experiences. And, thanks for your video instruction. Do you work on other musicians’ projects as an engineer, producer, etc?

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Thank you Art, I’m glad my videos have been helpful to you. No, I ran a client-based business for many years but honestly grew tired of it. I started my new business in 2015, and promised myself to focus on my own creative/artistic journey this time. It might change in the future, but not at this moment as I have the momentum and passion for what I do. :slight_smile:

I get it. And I respect your choice. Thanks again.

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No, because for me it doesn’t make sense to have these, as Omnisphere has a great browser. The presets I provide are for Plug-ins with a crappy browser, especially the UAD stuff… it’s horrible.

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I agree with you Rinus, in fact the Omnisphere Preset browser is the best I have ever seen in any plugin/library. I wish Kontakt had one similar to it! :stuck_out_tongue: