If I Say I Love You (Would You Stay)

Genre/Style: Indie (influenced by 60’s/70’s American Folk Rock)

Creative Vision for the Track: Musically capturing that moment where someone is watching a person they care about starting to leave - maybe for good - then they realize they love that person and rush after them at the last moment hoping to say “I love you!” - because it’s the last chance you’ll probably have and you want them to know.

I wanted it to be easy and casual as well, bringing to mind cliffs by the ocean watching a sailor about to set off to sea or a country road where you can see the person leaving for a long time if they got away. So tell that special someone in your life you love them and enjoy a snuggle to this tune… unless you hate it… then snuggle to something you like better. :slight_smile:

I appreciate any thoughts on my work - especially if I’m hitting the atmosphere & mood I’m aiming for or not.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): Key is under the doormat ba-dum-tch - (be careful with that joke; it’s an antique.) C maj, 120 tempo, 4/4 time

Main Instruments used: Acoustic Guitar with enough reverb to stop a charging bull elephant, a flute, 2 tambourines and a Stratosphere Synth hand adjusting the wind effect.

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