I would like your opinion on my ambient music work please

Hello everyone. I am Ramin and I am very new to the world of music production. A little about my background: I have graduated with masters in business and technology and I am in USA. But my dream has always been to create relaxing music on the side of what I do for living. How I was attracted to this hobby is because i think we can all use some meditation through out the day since we live in a very stressful world. And for me, a little calming music is a blessing.

Why I am making this post:

Well, I have created this short Ambient Music and was wondering to know if you could please critique my work? Here is the SoundCloud link: https://soundcloud.com/ray-kamal/ambient-music-1

I would Greatly Appreciate Your Feedback.

Thank you.

Welcome to the composer community Ramin, Mike here, the founder of this forum. I hope you will enjoy and take part in the discussions! :slight_smile:

I liked your piece, and indeed it is very ambient. I do like that the whole piece have a floating and dreamy atmosphere with few changes. The only thing that I would change is the ending which to me sounds like a mix to another track starting, but then ending abruptly.

PS. I changed your screen name to Ramin, since the one of the main rules of this community is that all members must use at least their first name so we can have the friends/family-like atmosphere that sets this community apart from other forums online.

Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Founder of Professional Composers

Hello Mr Mikael. And OMG. I got a response from the site owner, the pro in this field. This means a lot to me. Thank You Sir. Your opinion on this issue was my Christmas Gift to be honest. Because it’s hard not knowing what your doing is right or if it needs work. So, your professional opinion on this track which I made, is a gold mine. Thank you Again sir.

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Also I just want to mention that I greatly appreciate it that you changed my username here as I honestly, didn’t know how.

Thank you.

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Honestly I am not an expert at ambient but I have tried it and messed around with ambient loops. To me it is a very difficult genre to master because you have to have a delicate balance of structure and still be loose and amorphous at the same time with not much tension and resolution. But you still have to maintain interest and have some sort of overall design that makes the listener feel that they have traveled on a musical journey, but maybe more like floating down a peaceful river in a canoe rather than jetting somewhere. Some acoustic piano would really help and some improvement in sound design. the beginning was a bit jarring and there is some kind of bubbly grating sound that to me is not typical of ambient. I think you really need to spend several months just listening without writing so you get a really group on that style of music. It sounds like you have an idea of the elements but not enough familiarity with the genre to put together a piece of music that stands out or really grabs the listener. If you have a reference piece for your work please let us know but at this point I would say it is not in line with the type of ambient I am familiar with. I would say it is a good start, has potential but to me it is just some nice sounds without a real theme to it. I would suggest that you add a three note motif on acoustic piano and use some of the standard way of transforming the motifs, inversion, subtraction, addition, changing rhythm, transposing, etc.

I hope this helps. Keep working at it!


Hi. Thanks for sharing. I know how valuable it is to get feedback. I liked your track but just like @DJFretburner I´m NOT skilled in ambient music. My approach to learn is thousands of hour on Youtube. And places like @Mikael forum of course. :grinning:


Thank you for your feedback. May I ask about the bubbly grating sound? Like can you please reference the time interval? I just want to see where it is so I can avoid it in my future work. But overall I appreciate your constructive feedback.

It’s right in the beginning, it’s that low frequency vibrating rumbly sound. Does that help. Eventually it seems to go away on its own. If that does not help you figure it out please let me know,

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