I Weave Through The Night - Requlous (Working on a musical))

Genre/Style: I honestly don’t even know… we’ll go with “Indie” lol. If anyone can peg the genre down for me I’d appreciate it.:smiley:

Creative Vision for the Track: This is latest piece for a musical I’m working on, but I also want the pieces to stand on their own too. This one is supposed to be about a charming gentleman in the night, wooing & entrancing people out on the town. But the man is up to no good, and those enthralled by his seemingly magical charms start to become uneasy in his presence as he leads them to darker and darker places.

I wanted it to be unsettling but ever-pulling you in with something beautiful - that you can’t quite trust its intentions.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): D# / 120 tempo / 4/4

Main Instruments used:
It’s sort of become my thing - I just love the sounds. Through GarageBand on my KORG Kross I used:

Grand Piano
Acoustic Guitar (Picks up the base line in the second part)
Liverpool Bass (Picks up momentum in each of the three parts.)
Erhu (adding depth to the bass in parts)
String Ensamble
New Port Drum Kit played manually