I’m Learning Serum - any tips and tricks?

Hey folks. Haven’t been on for a few weeks as I’ve been really busy and I also went on holiday to Snowdonia (which was lovely!)

I decided to take to leap and get Serum. Until now I’ve just been using massive, flow motion and a few other synths which has been awesome. However, I knew that Serum has that “Big attacky sound that I end up taking ages to make in other synths so I got it.

I’m finding it great and it’s very intuitive… it doesn’t do everything but what it does it does very well.

Just thought I’d post on here to see if any of you fine people had some tips on things I may be overlooking.


Is that beer? Damn it now I’m thirsty. Oh right… I know nothing about Serum.

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Well, some “tricks” that may stretch it a bit beyond the obvious capabilities:

  • It only has two “real” oscillators - but don’t forget Sub and Noise! The sub can do a bit more than just the basic sine, and the noise generator can also play one-shot or looped samples, with or without key tracking.
  • The main oscillators have hardsync and various “modifiers,” as well as inter-oscillator AM, FM, and RM.
  • …and of course, the unison feature of the main oscillators.
  • One great feature of this synth is the precise and clean oscillators - but if you want things more analog or organic, some subtle low rate modulation here and there goes a long way.
  • Don’t forget the effects section, where parameters can be modulated, just like the oscillators and filters!
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Ahaha sorry, for making you thirsty :wink: it’s actually a Welsh Ale called Pws Mws (purple moose). It’s my favourite. Sunday’s are a “glass of ale” day in my house. Highly recommend it though. This one was more bitter and the flavour is called “dark side of the moose”. Though there are quite a few flavours which are all great! My favourite is “Glas Llyn” which is named after a small town in North Wales.

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I’ll have to look at the unison feature, is that on the global page? I may have used it already intuitively… I very much like how you can modulate In FM. From the sub oscillator, this is gold to me. In massive this was much more difficult.

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The Unison I’m thinking of is the three controls in each oscillator block, allowing you to create up to 16 (IIRC) instances of each oscillator, with detune and blend controls. It’s the standard tool for that iconic trance lead supersaw sound, but also works great for adding some subtle movement, or somewhat realistic sounding synth strings.

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Oooh yes I’ve worked out the voicing thing in that. For a little while it confused me as there’s a central dot on the detune. Initially I thought you’d detune + and - on that dot but that’s not right. It kept catching me out that all the way to the right is unison instead of central :grimacing:

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