Hymns and Music as an Expression of Spiritual Life


Creative Vision for the Track:
To express the longing for a larger life, for a deeper awareness and sense of of the infinite, the eternal, the absolute…

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):
See scores

Main Instruments used
East West Choirs
VSL Orchestral Cube


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Hi Jerry-Such beauty and such light. I marvel at the expansiveness and spirituality of your comprehensive work. Still fascinated by your astrophotography, and now hearing this beautiful music of reverence and reading words of you, Rumi and others.
I am now rereading The Philosophy of the IChing by Carol Anthony and also working on a new album, which is classical and mystical, also reverent.
Thank you so much, Jerry, for continuing to inspire us with your thoughts, your research, and your very powerful music. Your hope for more light in the world is exemplified in your music. May you receive back all the blessings you give to our composer’s group, your students and all those whose life you touch so deeply, just by being you and by living on such a high level. Your music reaches beyond.
Warmest wishes, Dori

Dori, You’re too kind! I’m glad you find pleasure in listening to these hymns, they certainly are not for everyone.


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