Hybrid Composition: "Ultra Motivation"

Genre/Style: Rock/Orchestral hybrid

Creative Vision for the Track: Made with training montages in mind from the worlds of boxing, MMA, martial arts and other types of physical training. I tried some things out on this track such as articulating the guitars, adding some synths and playing with some of the drum fills… I’ve not made a really “rock” type track before this, so let me know how I did :slight_smile:

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): 95BPM - Not someone who can name chords :frowning:

Main Instruments used: EastWest’s Ministry of Rock 2 for the guitars and drums, Hollywood Brass, Spitfire Originals Epic strings and a little help from Morphestra for synths and Hybrid3 for the rhythmic hats.