How to set up a midi keyboard to control within Logic Pro X

Hi everyone,
I am not sure where to post this

Ok I have a small midi keyboard that has two mod wheels and a one turn knob
and I want to learn how to set it so my
physical keyboard controls and works within Logic

  1. setup first mod wheel as volume pedal to do volume swells
    2.setup second mod wheel to do for guitar go from clean to full on distortion

I donot know the first thing on how to do this or if this is even possible

Controllers like MOD-wheel and faders send out their values on “CC-channels”. This is something you map per plugin, so you need to check these plugins if and how you can map parameters on them.

How this is done is different on each plugin and depends on how it was developed. Sometimes it can be as easy as right-click and then map to a controller (fader, knob etc) that you then touch/move to assign the mapping to.

Mike what about just using Logic default plugins only for now to get started or do I need to check each of those as well ?
Sorry just trying to understand

Let me give you a practical example. Your MOD-wheel for example, that is one controller. That single controller can control a different thing in every single plugin you use (does not matter if it is stock or third party). So the MOD-wheel might control the filter of a synth, then when you switch the track in your project to let’s say a sample library it can control the dynamics. It all depends on the default mapping, or how you have mapped it yourself.

How to map depends on the specific plugin, the developer, if it even works etc. So there is no “one way to do this”, it completely depends on the specific plugin. Sorry I can’t give you a more clear answer because of this fact.

Here’s a short video I just found on controller mapping in action

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Thanks Mike ,
I have a old midi keyboard call iRig Keys Pro
I will try this and get back to You on this
Because I have more questions :grinning:

Hmm don’t know that one, but I hope others can join in and help out too, that’s the great thing about a community after all. Everyone can learn, share and help each other! :smiley:

Bonus tip: try to not get tied up too much in technical implementations, if you fail, just keep on making music. I know how much technical frustrations can hinder your creativity. The most important thing is to keep making music. :slight_smile:

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Thank You, Mike, that very, very helped video :smiley:

Here a problem
My irig keys pro midi keyboard for some reason will not show up in the Controller Surface Setup
and I did a scan and every other keyboard shows up but not mine


Here is where the video was helpful
But because of the video,
I first set a track for Software Instruments and just selected from Sound Libary Piano /Yamaha Grand Piano/
this one of Logics factory presets
I was able to
to Map the Piano Volume to my MOD Wheel :grinning:

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Oh, that is cool, I never tried mapping that fader myself, but now you give me ideas. Thank you Brian, and I’m glad things are moving forward :slight_smile:

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Hi Everyone,
my friend is going to bring back my volume/expression pedal it has cable with TRS-to-TRS Expression Pedal / Relay Cable two

I am not sure how to hook it up for logic to see or mac to see any tips how I might set it up?