How to process audio from vst?

Hi guys,

I would like to know how can I process with physic pedals from my guitar pedal a violin sound?

For instance, I have CSS violin I in kontakt. I would like to process with an overdrive called Ts9, it is in my pedalboard, how can I do in real time?

I mean when I press c3 I can ear the css violin 1 => overdrive (Ts9) => Adam a7x

Please let me know :smiley:

Get plugin versions of the effects you want, it’s the best way to do stuff like this.

Or just use a standard overdrive plugin, something like that. The guitar pedal needs a signal to process, so you’d have to plug an instrument or audio source directly into the pedal to do this, so unless you route your computer output to the pedal, then back to the speakers, it won’t work the way you are describing, and even if you do this it won’t be worth the hassle IMO. Plugins are the way to go :slight_smile:

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I think the same that plug-in works great too.

But this is a Ts808 different from Ts9 and even if there’s a Ts9 plug in it will sound difference from the real ts9 cuz of the “real processing”.

Indeed the last part that you described is what I wanna do, but I don’t know how :wink: How can I route the sound?

with my e. guitar is more easily ahahha

If you have a sound interface with extra audio inputs and outputs, you can certainly route audio through external effects and back into the DAW, but unless you’re running all audio on dedicated DSPs (Pro Tools HD or similar), latency is going to add up to somewhere between bad and terrible, so it might not be viable for “live” playing.

However, running audio through external analog gear in the mix and mastering stages is a tried and tested approach, used by many engineers. At that point, latency is pretty much irrelevant, so all you really need is any audio interface with 4+ audio outs, so you can monitor the results while running external effects.

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Thank you, I have a focusrite scarlet solo; with only 2 output (for monitors) one jack for guitar and one for vocal

This is the new version I have the old but it seems the same (I’m talking about the output)

However I was thinking (as ignorant at this), to route from the DAW (Logic in my case) to the pedalboard, to scarletsolo and after in the ear monitor

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You can do that, of course, and it has the advantage of not adding multiple passes through the DAW to the total latency (it essentially becomes an extra effect pedal in the chain), but you’ll need extra outputs (and maybe an analog mixer) to hear the rest of the arrangement, and extra inputs if you want to record the externally processed audio.

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I found this. Do you think will it work?

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One of those might be a good idea to use, indeed! Analog gear, and even analog I/O on sound interfaces and the like, can do weird things if loaded with the wrong impedance, and this device should avoid that, as well as ground loops and some other issues.