How to name your Albums (for best results)

I have thought about the naming of tracks and albums, because I’ve seen so much “strategy” on naming for library music.

Things like: Motivation Music, Inspiring Piano Music etc.

Would it make sense to use this strategy when releasing your own album to Spotify etc. Meaning picking a name which people might actually search for as a keyword or phrase?

What are your thoughts on this, would it make a difference?

Hello Mikael
in my opinion the name of the track must fit the track itself (mood, rythm, ambiance, etc…)
but if you want best result perhaps add some details in the hashtag section before you post your track

people search track in different way, it is difficult to apply a generic strategy

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The thing is, I am thinking about creating a new album (as an artist, not for music libraries), and release it on Spotify.

Let’s say the album is going to be in the style of “Ambient Music”.

Would it be good to use that term in the album name…do people search for “Ambient Music” “Space Music” or whatever on Spotify, Apply Music etc.

So for example album name:
Dreams of Ember
Ambient Music in Space

Would the second option, strategically be better for having people search and find this album on Spotify?

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you can add in your hashtag #ambiant #space music #dreams #ember #music in space
when i search some music i type by example
space music on synthetizer or ambiant dream music
people look for a style not for a title with high level of accuracy
they want to look for a style of music
your second option is better i think


I guess if you don’t write for any music library you don’t have to call it “piano music” or anything like that you can give your album a name of some best track from the album or a title which reflects the mood of the album. Because you are writing the album for yourself to release it as a solo artist so no need to give a name for your album like libraries usually do lol


I also think that a track or album title should reflect what’s happening in the music. Without it, it somehow misses some part of…purpose? But I was also thinking how to “hack” the title so it might fit the most into people’s random search, which might often start with mood describing words like sleep, work, sad, happy etc. So the title may start with a word like that and then be followed by something more describing, like Sleep Walk, for example. Also there are some very commonly used words in songs, like together, black, love, etc, which might also fit to the music and can be used in the title. Not sure tho if this helps much with higher stream rates.

TBH, If I was looking for ambient music, I would probably just go to spotify search, searched for ambient and then listened through the songs, there is already plenty of them. So yes I think it actually makes difference although the album or the track would loose a bit of persona.