How to gain staging in Logic before start recording anything

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I am very new at this gain staging as I herd this would be Step one
I have watch a few videos on this topic

From what I am learning so far is
1.I add tracks in my daw - I just added two tracks since I am newbie and I do not want to bite off more then I can chew
please do not laugh :joy: to hard

2.record something on each of those tracks - just record two midi piano tracks
One easy chord progression
Two simple piano melody

3.set my two separate tracks faders in Logic to both their default - I think it was option click on each fader that locks them to their default volume positions

4.add a gain plugin to both tracks - in the mix window one track at a time by muted the other one and then adjust the gain plugin until in each track is -18 db in the volume level meter

Are this the proper steps or I am I missing something?

Ok you need to use pre fader metering - there’s a good article here on gain staging in logic

To add pre fader button on your top bar right click on control/display bar - click customise control and display bar and tick pre fader metering in modes and functions - by the way lots of useful stuff in here especially capture recording -in transport options - this will record anything you play during playback so you can noodle away then just click capture record button and you’ll have multiple takes of what you’ve played.

Anyway aim for at least -10 to 12db below digital full scale (0db) and if your using any analog plugins aim for -18dbfs. Also check this when you’ve added any plugin that may change output gain.

Remember as well in region if audio clip you can use clip gain to adjust level.

Am at work at moment (heathcare) but if you need any more pointers let me know.

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