Horror opening, Eerie Nights

Hello everyone, This is my first attempt at submitting one of my works for revue.
This composition is called, “Eerie Nights”, I was thinking on an opening piece for a Horror tv series, like “Dark Shadows” or something… It’s a bit slow, dark, with a few discordant chords.

I composed and then recorded this on Myriad’s software, Melody Assistant, and then polished it up on Audacity. It has a few sound affects, such as a heart beat, and thunderclaps. I hope that this suitable for review, and that you enjoy it.

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Hi, It did remind me of “Dark Shadows”. very cool. My only comment would be since the heartbeat occurs throughout, I might lower the volume so our ears can focus on the other sounds. I think we’ll still hear the ‘pulse’.

Kind of reminds me of early John Carpenter sound tracks. Think like Fran said the heartbeat could be lower in the mix - bit too up front. Also some of the sound FX sound a bit bit crunched and lofi - fine if your going for a retro sample sort of sound like for a retro game sound track. Also I think they could do with a bit more reverb to sit them better in the mix.

Thank you for your response. I was thinking on Edgar Allen Poe’s story, “The Tell Tale Heart”. In which the criminal thought he heard the victim’s heart after the murder. It got louder until it drove the criminal mad.

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Yeah, reminds of John Carpenter music, you know, 80s horror, or could be a track in the popular Stranger Things tv series! Very cool.

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