Here is my recent ambient/cinematic track

Hi everyone,

Here is my recent track, which sounds more like a cinematic track. I was exploring the newly bought Spitfire symphonic strings. I wrote separate parts for strings 1,2,violas,celli and basses. In Am. It is actually a phrygian descending movement. am 35, G maj 35, F mai35, Dm, Em or Cmaj. I used Emin instead of Emaj as a dominant chord. It is medium tempo 95, 4/4. I introduced some rhythmic strings parts using short brushed strings, which merge well with strings flautando at the beginning. The rhythm is also played by basses piz and one of Brunel loops (I just took one sound and used simple delay). The melody is played by long strings ( a nice transition from flautando to normal long strings). I also introduced some piano riffs in the middle to add more movement and interest. In the last part I used more countermelodies played by mid and low woodwinds.