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Funk / Pop
Main Instruments:
Guitar but I played all the instruments clav, drums, bass on this one using VST’s
Vox was free from freevocals.com
Creative Vision:
I was dotting with my guitar and keyboards came up with the rirt

Composition Details (Tempo, Key etc):
120 bpm. Key I can’t remember don’t shoot the musician,


Wow, I’m not an expert on funk, but this sounded very groovy. If it’s one thing I love about funk and old school pop, it’s these awesome bass lines with so much movement and groove! :stuck_out_tongue:

That singing, you mean it was imported samples? They suit the track perfectly. And those tiny details like the little keys “filler” 1:30, it truly makes a lot of difference! Great job James! :slight_smile:

Thanks you so much for your nice compliments. I am so glad you liked it it breaks me joy when a fellow musician enjoys my music. :grinning:
I am not sure if it’s funk or what genre it is. I call it music. :smile:
Also I am glad I did justice on the keyboard part. It’s not my main instrument like you.

The vocals are vocals you can down load for free.Really a great site for free vocals.
They are complete wav files or mp3. Sometimes short phrases some times long.
I had to chop / split them up to fit the song some what. The words are really good in this one.
I didn’t use a sampler to do this I cut and moved them Also Time stretched and shunk…
Reaper is fantastic at this.

I know you have Yamaha monitors in your studio how did the mix sound on them?

I forgot to mention I used to use Cubase but dumped it for Reaper. It’s lean and mean so it runs really fast on my current PC.

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I had no idea you could add vocals in this way, and still make it fit so perfectly into your music. Usually vocal samples are just that, samples. And a bit of a hit and miss, at least from my experience.

Yes I do have Yamaha HS7, also referred to due to my nerdy nature as “my stormtroopers”, being white with black details. And they sound great, I can really recommend having your studio monitors on proper speaker stands if you can. Vibrations on the desk itself are almost impossible to avoid otherwise.

Regarding mixing on monitors, it’s different in every room. Mine is certainly far from perfect concerning acoustics. I believe “symmetry” in placement and your seating position is most important. And killing the echo behind the speakers. Other than that it’s mainly about learning the sound of your own monitors, and your room. And of course, never mix at too high levels. Average 75dB is a nice level in a small room like mine.

Goooooood man.
Great job James.
Latelly, I’m composing some music adding vocals to learn how to manipulate it.
I do as you. I am picking free samples of lyrics and try to make them fit adjusting tone, length, tempo…
I like your song.

Yes you can. It take a little to a lot of work depending on your track and key. Reaper really make it a lot easier than most DAWS. I actually mixed this track on my headphones. I have a set of older Tannoy PBM 6.5. I have not used them much lately.
I know the Yam have a very flat response and are great for mastering.Did the track sound well balanced on your monitors?

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Thank you Vicente. I am glad you like my track. What Daw are you using?
Vocals can really make a difference in a track.except in orchestral tracks.

Did you posting any tracks for comment?

What instruments do you play?

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I use Reason.
Soon I,m posting my last vocal experiment. Maybe tomorrow.
I play piano, and not well. :sweat_smile::shushing_face:

I tried Reaper once, and could not wrap my head around it. I guess my mind just works well with Logic Pro haha. :slight_smile:

I think your track sounded balanced to my ears, but then, every genre/style is different so I could not give an expert opinion on it.

Haha, what a coincidence! My old monitors were Tannoy.

I tried reaper when it was on 3 and I was using Cubase.7, I dumped it since Reaper was in it’s infinity.
Then I started upgrading Cubase 7 up to 8. Reaper 4 came out and I said you know This is insane 50 plus for an update to fix stuff that is broke. i downloaded Reaper and said I am going to learn it. After 30 days I got that nag screen and just kept using it, I found out I learned it and it was way, and I mean way better than Cubase. .It’s just so light weight and fast on loading stuff. Updates have been and are free from 4 till 7. It took some time no doubt but I am very happy I made the switch.
The community is great the programmers are fantastic.They have sws extensions and others, Themes galore Yes I purchased it

If is sounded good on your Yamaha’s then it was a good mix to me.

The Tannoys are quite old. but still good for mixing. I was looking at the new HS 8 but I think I am going to upgrade my audio Interface to thunder bolt in a few months when the new chips come out for the PC.

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I will look forward to hearing it. If you would like or need some guitar real guitar added to it just let me know. I would be more than happy to assist you.

You will learn the piano it just take a lot of practice. Just stick with it.

If you don’t mind where are you located?

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I live in Cartagena, Spain

I thought so since your name was from a Laotian origin.
I am in New York but originally my family is from Italy.