"Heaven Eye - Nera's Tower" New track From "Ghostblade"

Hello all,

Here is a new original track of mine. This is the first track from my album, Ghostblade which I am currently working on. No real time frame as to when I’ll be done, but it will take some time, as I am planning on about 15-20 tracks depending on overall track time for each.

This album is inspired by the Ghostblade art/web story/comic series by artist Wang Ling, (aka WLOP) a Taiwan based digital artist and creator. I became aware of their work after attending a local comic/game/anime convention that I go to to try and find artists and indie game developers to collab with. I was immediately inspired by this amazing fantasy artwork and story (and have become a big collector!) and could absolutely see this developed into a game or even TV series.

This first track is set to the intro of the story and first couple of artworks. Musically, I wanted to give a very dreamy, majestic, fantasy sound and opted for using the Dorian and Mixolydian modes for this; starting in E Dorian/Mixolydian and eventually making my way to F# Dorian/F# minor/B Dorian/B minor. The harmony may be a little vague to guess which one mode specifically. For the ending chord sequence, I did a classic Koji Kondo bVI - bVII - I, only changing the I to minor, so G - A - Bm. The tempo is pretty much andante to largo, 75-90 BPM.

For instrumentation/samples, all orchestral instruments are from Orchestral Tools’ Berlin Orchestra with the choir from OT’s Time Macro and the solo voice of Conney Kollet from Steinberg:
2 flutes
2 oboes
2 Bb clarinets
2 basson
contra bassoon
4 Horns
2 tenor trombones
timpani, percussion (tube bell, snare, triangle, cymbals)

Any feedback is welcome :grinning: