Have you Customized Colors/Look of your DAW?

I love the minimal design look of Logic Pro X which has become my “home sweet home” after using practically all DAWs since I started making music in 1998! :stuck_out_tongue:

But I found a “plugin” that can give me the option to customize the color and look with theme presets. I am considering getting it, but I’m not sure if it will increase my efficiency and inspiration. Or if it simply a gimmick and “cool” aspect of being new to me?

Did you customize the look/colors of your DAW? Was it worth it?

Here’s the tool/plugin I found for Logic Pro Themes:


I just set Cubase (and everything else that supports it) up to some “dark mode” or other (matching my desktop them where possible), so I don’t get blinded by the massive walls of pixels surrounding me. :slight_smile:


So I checked the overview videos and review videos, and I don’t like the “colors” everywhere approach that most presets seem to have.

Essentially what I want from Logic is: Dark Mode, and way more colors to choose from in the color palette for coloring tracks/regions.

This “theme plugin” might become redundant for me soon though, as rumors have it of a massive update of Logic early next year. Probably to go with the new OS X version + new Apple Silicon Mac and whatnot. And I would be very surprised if dark mode is not a part of that upgrade.


When I started out I thought I wouldn’t care about interface at all as long as the daw I would choose could get it done. I was wrong. I use Cubase and have a custom made palette(it’s quite customizable), it actually helps me keep being inspired to compose. I also use Studio one but I don’t like color choices there as much and that’s actually a little bit annoying. I have the project area darker and the midi editor area a little brighter. That suites me best.


Here’s a free color preset for Cubase (128 colors) I found on VI-Control some time ago.
I’ll share it here for a week or so:

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Lots of colors here in my FL Studio. :smiley: