Have you Customized Colors/Look of your DAW?

I love the minimal design look of Logic Pro X which has become my “home sweet home” after using practically all DAWs since I started making music in 1998! :stuck_out_tongue:

But I found a “plugin” that can give me the option to customize the color and look with theme presets. I am considering getting it, but I’m not sure if it will increase my efficiency and inspiration. Or if it simply a gimmick and “cool” aspect of being new to me?

Did you customize the look/colors of your DAW? Was it worth it?

Here’s the tool/plugin I found for Logic Pro Themes:


I just set Cubase (and everything else that supports it) up to some “dark mode” or other (matching my desktop them where possible), so I don’t get blinded by the massive walls of pixels surrounding me. :slight_smile:


So I checked the overview videos and review videos, and I don’t like the “colors” everywhere approach that most presets seem to have.

Essentially what I want from Logic is: Dark Mode, and way more colors to choose from in the color palette for coloring tracks/regions.

This “theme plugin” might become redundant for me soon though, as rumors have it of a massive update of Logic early next year. Probably to go with the new OS X version + new Apple Silicon Mac and whatnot. And I would be very surprised if dark mode is not a part of that upgrade.


When I started out I thought I wouldn’t care about interface at all as long as the daw I would choose could get it done. I was wrong. I use Cubase and have a custom made palette(it’s quite customizable), it actually helps me keep being inspired to compose. I also use Studio one but I don’t like color choices there as much and that’s actually a little bit annoying. I have the project area darker and the midi editor area a little brighter. That suites me best.


Here’s a free color preset for Cubase (128 colors) I found on VI-Control some time ago.
I’ll share it here for a week or so:

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Lots of colors here in my FL Studio. :smiley:


+1 for dark modes. It’s been a challenge getting Cubase to be exactly as I’d like it, and what I have found is that virtually any non-gray or darker background has too much influence on an overall mood. Tried Neve green, midnight blue, lots of other things - and none of it lasted. Seems also like the science behind the color of the room one sleeps in affecting mood and dreams comes into play here. Red didn’t fly at all. :hot_face: