Hans Zimmer Percussion - Core vs Pro?

I have a confession. I already have way too many cinematic percussion libraries…I mean, I even showed 10 of my favorites in this video.

But I can not help but be tempted by the current Spitfire Audio sale, and specifically Hans Zimmer Percussion. From the demos their dynamics and tone in the low end is stunning.

Do you own this library, what are your thoughts…core vs pro version etc? :slight_smile:



I nearly went and bought it the other night.

I posted on the trailer group to ask about it. Majority say it’s great for layering and sounds quite big. All said that it’s worth getting the pro edition as the extra mixes save a huge amount of time apparently.

Someone said there’s a few samples that aren’t logged up so the round robins don’t hit evenly… when I herd that it put me off.

One person said that the cinesamples percussion is so much better so I checked it out. To my ears I’d agree with them… they’re much cleaner.

I was talking to Mark Petrie (Composer for Endgame trailer) and he suggested I bought keepforests Decimator library instead. So I went for that. All I can say is so far I haven’t been dissapointed. It’s a hybrid trailer library and I love it. Obviously aimed for trailer stuff but there’s a lot of natural hits in there along with a ton of premise rolls and percussion parts which sound amazing. Everything in there is very very usable. Glad I didn’t get Zimmer Perc, think I’ll save up for CinePerc next after hearing it.

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I have CinePerc, and it’s not even in my top 10 list video of best cinematic percussion…so taste may differ! :wink:

Decimator seems too much hybrid/epic focus to me. I already have enough of those libs. I want superb dynamic layers, lots of round robins, great rich low-end etc. That is where I feel VSL Percussion was one of the best for me. I love percussion that can actually sit “in the back” of a cue, because often that is what I need.

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Perhaps Zimmer perc will be perfect then :slight_smile: one day I’ll get it but for now I’m happy. I haven’t had any discrepancies with what I have to be honest. Action strikes, damage, Darwin percussion (alb 1) and a few hybrid choices.

I’ll be honest, I’ve found layering is much more effective than round robin numbers. I just seen to get a more natural sound that way :slight_smile: it’s just 2 different schools of thought though I guess.

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Yeah and of course it depends on what type of percussion you are going for. :slight_smile:

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Exactly. I think actulion strikes is a happy middle flground. Sounds very natural, has enough RRs but could do with a few more.

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Yes, again…my top 4 are: Orchestral Percussion SDX (in Superior Drummer), VSL Percussion. Those 2 are by far the best natural orchestral sound I ever heard for percussion, with super clean and balanced recordings. And for hybrid: Damage. Nothing ever came close to it so far. And a mix of hybrid/natural: Action Strikes. :slight_smile:


There’s a lot that does do what damage does really well. Though I’d say no other library has ias many options inside it, olongapo with such a detailed interface.

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I wonder if Heavyocity will do another epic percussion library soon? :wink:

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Im not as farmilliar with heaviocity stuff tbh. Though I’ve got the stuff that comes with komolete, but I rarely use it,

What!? :stuck_out_tongue:
After Spectrasonics, Heavyocity is my favorite developer, I have and use a lot of their stuff!

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That’s really cool! I’ll have to get a few more of their stuff.

I tend to only buy stuff every 3 or 4 months and then learn the crud out of it :stuck_out_tongue: I have a few things on my wish list first… the first of which may have to be a new midi keyboard. Not sure what to get but might be the NI 88…

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Don’t be cheap on the MIDI keyboard, I personally value input/output devices even more than the computer itself. Meaning: MIDI Keyboard, Screens, Expression devices (faders) etc. The “point of contact” basically. Because that is what you work with 100% of your time. :smiley:


Yes exactly. I have a suspicion that the bugs I’ve been experiencing are because of my midi keyboard.

I had to update thr firmware a few weeks back and that’s when everything started going wrong. The sad thing is I love my midi keyboard. I have a Novation Impulse 61. Had it around 10 years now and it’s served me great. It’s totally integrated into my work flow so I’m very apprehensive in getting a new one. I love the feel of it and it’s very responsive. I didn’t enjoy the software that came with it and it was that software that was outdated, making me need the firmware update along with 10.5. I’ll be very sad to see it go. It wasn’t cheap when it first came out either. £759 was the original price. They are now around £200