Goal of the week

I think it could be nice/inspiring to share some of our goals for the week to each other, and here’s mine:

Submit a bunch of tracks I have prepared for some time to one of the libraries I work with
Finish one of the 3 tracks I started last week
Upload and make one video for youtube
Release a track on spotify and make bio and header picture for my new artist
Continue working on finger independence at the piano


Nice! Unfortulately i have a life and a job in between to really achive some goals, but i really like the idea :slight_smile:

Well my goals for this week is to experiment a bit with EQ of my last track and render it again
Waiting for my download link of Spitfires Discover :star_struck:
Creating a 10 second corporate identity intro for my upcoming youtube videos

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My goal is to fiddle around with the EQ on instruments and work on the release effect on instruments. So I will be going back to what I already created rather then create something new.
My goal is to improve the songs I already made. Will not be easy because I do not understand a lot from this EQ-ing and frequence stuff… but I will try.

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