Go Forth - Last Trance Track for now

What I’m doing at the moment after learning the basics of compositions is testing out different genres trying to learn some tricks and tips from them and this one is, at least for now, the final track I’m doing as a first “style analysis” of a Trance Genre.

I think I made improvements… not professional ready (at least I think) but improvements nevertheless and I feel like I want to try out a different genre for a little while so I’m probably switching to Ambient Music these next days :slight_smile:

For a last track in the genre I wanted something “uplifting” that would give the impression of “moving foreward” and I hope I managed to achieve that :slight_smile:


It is 138 bpm, 4/4. A Major.


I’ve used some free synthesizers in this… mainly the T-Alpha one for trance and I’ve made myself almost the interity of the sounds but the swoops and the drums.

There also is one of Mike swopps from a free pack of his in there :slight_smile:

For the video (that’s not poublic… I just made it to share with the community) I sued the demo version of FL Studio :slight_smile:


needs to be in a video game and the level when you are about to score major points.

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Well… I actually am an Indie Game Developer in Training and I wish to produce my own soundtracks… so I’d say that if you think this is good for a game… it’s not a bad thing for me xD

yeah it keeps changing from section to another, some new detail comes in and it keeps an underlining theme going. why do you want to compose your own music own as the developer? Like a film maker composing the soundtrack.