Get Off The Dang Road! - Requlous

Genre/Style: Rock

Creative Vision for the Track: I had this inspiration watching a guy in a Ferrari try to gun around someone only to have to slam on the breaks because the Light was Red.

My vision with this piece was “a drive through the city in a fast & sleek car… but running into everything that slows you down.” For this I made a steady cruisin’ beat & riff then offset it with various attitude representing different things in driving - such as the 4 “beeps” being the car horn at slow & bad drivers and the 4 cowbell knocks being turn signals.

The main riff is when nothing is in the way and the engine gets to really let go. The sudden breaks in the tune are Red Lights. Again I would appreciate any feedback - especially if I actually captured my intended mood & imagery. My fear is that the “Horn Honks” will be weird to anyone who isn’t aware they’re supposed to be car horns.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): 4/4, C Maj, 120 tempo

Main Instruments used: It’s not a cruisin’ tune without a rockin’ guitar and a deep base. Got my layered combo of Guitars & Bases to get that meaty guitar sound out of GB. After that it’s a 2 drum kits, a Screamtap Synth a cowbell (truly, an underrated instrument) and because I don’t feel right unless I throw something counter to the genre in as a curve ball - I end it with a 3 Strings Ensemble.