Genesis II - Back to Earth

RULES: Imagine… Mankind destroyed planet Earth nearly completely with wars, pollution, careless use of natural resources… The survivors had to leave earth and were traveling into space for 200 years. However, they didn’t find any habitat like earth and finally they decided to go back, hoping that motor Earth would accept human presence once more… My new piece consists of 2 parts. This is the first part: traveling back to the world. It stops when the moon appears.
Genesis II is a composition for narrator, choir and symphonic orchestra. Here in a virtual performance. (The choir can’t sing any words so far).

Style: Neo-Romantic

Creative Vision for the Track: It is a ‘free’ interpretation of hope, despair, pessimism and joy, represented by various themes.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): main tempo = 90; G minor, F minor, G minor; chords according to the main keys.

Main Instruments used: piccolo, flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons; horns, trumpets, trombones, tuba; timpani, vibraphone, bass drum, cymbals; complete string ensemble. Narrator, choir (2 soprano parts) and orchestra.

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I like the theme it’s based on and the choice of music. It gives hope: if neo-romanticism is evoked, then we have grown beyond pop music insipidity when we repopulate the Earth. Elegance and consideration, that is what comes up in your piece. We need a translation of the monologue.

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The texts are in Dutch (my native language), because the whole piece will be performed live here in Flanders.
But I’ll consider to make an English translation of the speaker’s text and the lyrics. The same for part II.

As to the music genre: I can live with present day pop music, but it seems to me that musical quality is no longer a basic condition. Some singers can even fart and it will be in the hit parades and the mainstream audience has lost every last bit of critical sense. They simply adore what has been pumped into their ears by the radio stations and the streaming platforms, no questions, no personal opinion, no preferences…

Thanks for your reply!

I was asked to show the translation of the Dutch text and lyrics. Well, here they are:

1. Exodus (voice)

God created man in his image and likeness. However, man wanted more and tried to be God’s equal. His pride and self-interest brought him down. He was expelled from Paradise by God.

God gave him wisdom and understanding, so that he could turn nature into his own to provide for its maintenance. But again, man took advantage of creation. He wanted to rule over nature: over plants and trees, over the animals on land, in the air and in the water, over the Earth, the raw materials, the sky… That too went wrong again and the earth became barren and sere.
Driven and deterred by pride he had to flee, away from the Earth into the infinite cold darkness searching the universe for a new home.
But nowhere did he find a planet equal to the Earth.
200 years his Space Odyssey lasted and the stories about Mother Earth tormented him. In the end, he decided to return hoping that the Blue Planet had recovered.

Song of the exodus (chorus)

In the deep black dark
there is only freezing cold.
No voice nor whisper,
no sun nor blue skies.
Neither bird, fish or plant lives here,
only dust and stone so cold.
No home for humans or animals,
everything is so gray and quiet. (bis