FX Plugin to automate movement (LFO)

Looking for an FX Plugin to automate movement…slow evolving movement to pads, and wave-like motion in various parameters etc.

I already have Movement by Output which is the closest I can describe what I want, but almost all presets are too “stutter-rhythm” pulse like, and not evolving motion like I want. And I was not a fan of the GUI and workflow of it either.

Basically I want to do stuff like tremolo, stereo panning, filter automation, distortion automation etc. all in one plugin, which should be super fast and easy to use.

I’m not a huge fan of Waves these days, but I still find myself using Brauer Motion for… well, motion. :slight_smile: I don’t think it does much more than that, though.

For more advanced effects and/or more control, I’d pull out the kiloHearts toolbox, and build what I need within Snap Heap (modular FX host) or Multipass (basically same, but multiband).

Oh, and on that note, 1.8 was just released, so now you can recursively host Snap Heap, Multipass, and Phase Plant (modular synth, also with snapin host) within each other. If that doesn’t allow you to build whatever you want, I don’t know what will. :slight_smile:

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Hmm not a huge fan of that interface either to be honest. I am gravitating towards getting some nice SoundToys plugins like Tremolator, FilterFreak and Crystallizer…used with dry/wet mix I believe those should be able to get the movement I want without being too “stutter/rhythmic”-like. However, in this case I might as well go for the full bundle next time its on sale. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, any set of plugins with smooth automation should be able to do this kind of stuff, though modulation of course comes down to the host in that case. Typically an advantage, the way I see it, as you have full control, but it’s a bit of extra work, compared to just setting up some LFOs.

What I dig about Soundtoys is their “Rack”, which is I guess similar to the snap heap collection? It’s simply easier to create FX chains in one plugin than to have to work with the insert FX in the DAW.

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What about portal by output ?


Nice! That looks really cool, I am adding it to my wish list. :slight_smile:

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