Funny if you take it another Way

This made me crack up a bit… :rofl:

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Did I miss the joke here? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, kind of came out as nonsense. Not non-sense. :laughing:

Btw mike, the auto captions in some of the videos need really need to be really looked at. even though its technically not your problem but udemy’s. Just pointing it out. As i like pausing the video and noting down everything you say by looking at the captions. Unfortunately, Some words do not exactly come out as you say it. At those times i have to repeat that part again and again until i hear it right. Some i can comprehend. But the rest, some words I have missed though. Because those are technical terms and new to me.

One funny example i will provide

Or this one

Or this :grin:

Haha, yes those were crazy funny. I hope they will update the algorithm.

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