Four finished Star Wars pieces

These 4 pieces are complete for the YouTube fan-fiction I’m scoring. They’re mocked up with live instruments added.

I used for these. Pablo does a terrific job, and you get a lot for your money. All these pieces have 3 performances each of V1, V2, Viola and Cello, plus live flute and trumpet. There’s a little bit of live trombone and live F horn too, but only in spots.

The creative vision here is to create original music that sounds like Star Wars, but isn’t just a rip-off or a copy, and still has some elements of my own uniqueness in it. Also, there’s a plan eventually to release the full project as an OST album.

Hope you all love it and I’m happy to answer any and all questions.


Oh wow, I have been waiting for this Everett. You are the only composer I know that really focuses on that classic Star Wars sound, and do so incredibly well! :smiley:

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I should emphasize there are many more pieces that aren’t complete. I don’t know if I’ll have the money to add live players to them all, but I hope so.

The actual fan fiction is months from being ready. I’m ahead of them all!

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Awesome! I especially love The Menace Reveals Itself. I could easily picture it in a Star Wars scene. Are you scoring to locked scenes or are you writing these as themes that you will alter later when the filming and editing catches up to you?

Thanks! And these are pre-written and will be fit to the scene later. There will have to be some connective music written to help that happen.

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Really excellent Everett! I especially liked the love theme, as I have just tried writing one myself in the Golden Age style. I think you captured that sound perfectly. Congrats!

Thanks Matt! I actually think love themes are my very strongest area. I would sure love to hear yours!


As you know from before I love your work. This is so wonderful to hear. This is the kind of work where there wouldn´t be any idea searching for anything to improve, cause there aren´t any to find. You can just lean back and enjoy. Is it possible to buy the love theme separate?

Aw man you’re so kind to me! I’ll send you an mp3 of it. Gimme an email address!

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Thought I´d use it as referencetrack

Cool! I’m out of the studio now, but will send when I get home. Thanks again for making me feel so appreciated and supported!! It really means so, so much to me.

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Here you go. It’s very short since I just didn’t have the time or energy to make a longer version. I’m trying to write Main Title theme, Love Theme and and Ending Credits theme in the Golden Age Style, but I keep getting sidetracked to other projects :sweat_smile:

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Yes I also kept not getting around to writing these pieces until I had a project that actually demanded them. I don’t have time for practice writing these days, and I dropped out of the Berklee online sequence because of that.

Oh, and I will listen in a few minutes…

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Congrats. This sounds great. Really professional level. :grinning:

Oh no I forgot to return to this thread and left you guys hanging…I will get back to it in a while, after feeding my horses!

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