Flowing Melody Moving Forward In Motion

Hi everyone,
What I am trying learn here
How to understand how to keep a Flowing Melody Moving Forward In Motion along the Music path
What are all the most common ways that can stop a moving flowing forward melody dead in their tracks ?

Idea of using this
1.I will know how,why and what to not do to avoid this from happen

2.Or I can use this newfound information as a tool to manipulate for creativity reason more effectively?

I hope this make sense

I assume you talk about flow as in voice leading here? The melody can in fact be way more “jumpy” than the harmonies, because it is supposed to keep your attention. It doesn’t really have to “flow”, unless you are intentionally looking for a smooth/lyrical style of melody. But often, the best motifs and melodies use a mix of smooth flow, big intervals, long notes and short attacky notes. :slight_smile:

I like to write themes, motifs, and basically the “essence” of a track without even thinking about the chords. Just bass in the left hand, and melody in the right hand (sometimes I add a harmony note to the melody for emphasis).

I’m sorry if I misunderstood your question.

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Yes Sir ,
Voice Leading just for melody at this point
I am coming from a singers perspective I am not a singer but I thinking about how a singer would sing a melody

Wanted to understand and learn
How to keep the melody moving forward in a smooth motion through out the melodic idea with out stopping ?

What are a few ways I can do this ?
And what things should I avoid and not to do that will keep the melody not moving forward in motion ?

I hope I did not confuse You

For smooth melodies it’s all about “legato transitions”, and keeping the intervals shorter. Also, good melodic phrasing is more like a story arc with a beginning and end. So thinking about the overall motion curves helps too. :slight_smile:

But I am not sure what you mean by “without stopping” as every melody needs breaks. For example for breathing, but also because no breaks at all would sound very static.

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Mike I am sorry get back to You on this :wink:

Now what You said here is very interesting about create a good melodic phrase with a story arc

Do You have any examples? If that all possible that I see and hear what’s going on this is a new concept for me

I check with You later You have a great day or night😀

Listen for example to the main theme in the Gladiator Soundtrack. It goes on a smooth journey, but then settles down “in peace” with that final downward motion that feels like it is landing. Also, how the curve of the melody repeats itself. Almost all good melodies use repetition (with slight variation) before they resolve to that “nice landing”. :slight_smile:

Another good example is the main theme from The Godfather. But of course there are countless more. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Mike ,
Sorry I been late in getting back to a You been a heckled week I will check that out this week and get back to You :+1:

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Well I back and after doing some study
I have these questions to ask

Now here is some more interesting questions

1.what are the different musically elements I should know or study that will keep the flow of music forever moving Forward ?

Or other words

2.What options or tools do I have as a music composer in training
to create and convey the perception of the
Illusion of continuous forward moving motion to my listener ?


A.any chord progressions

B.any melodic melody line

C.any bass line

I hope this make sense?i