First Sonata by BuffaloVal

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Orchestral Sonata
Creative Vision for the Track:
This is my first attempt at writing orchestral music. I took some classes here and other places and wanted to put it into practice. I wanted something interesting and uplifting. Not too heavy.
Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):
The sonata is in an A A A A B A A A+B A+B format and it actually works.
Main Instruments used:
I used the Spitfire BBC Symphony Discover VST. The sonata uses strings and horns.
Thoughts on Process
I was lost at first but slowly things started to come together. It was overwhelming at first with all the choices available. I was able to find the melody and then build from there.I learned more about orchestral music as I read in an orchestra dictionary about the instruments and articulations.
Who Am I
I am a self taught musical hobbyest. I have created music in many genres and find I like the broad approach rather than a tight fixation in one genre. I still have lots to learn. I am a retired man that makes music for fun.

Keep having fun with BBCSO, my friend!
In the BBCSO interface, the big circle next to the volume/dynamic sliders is for reverb, to give your sound some depth and air. Move the dots up to the 12 o’clock position. Give it a go and see if you like it!
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Thanks Adrian. I will play with the reverb knob next…

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As @romeosapien said a bit of reverb changes the piece a lot, though I wouldn’t overuse it especially with this VST as the sound sometimes get kind of muddy with too much reverb!