First attempts at trailer music - feedback welcome!

Hi there!

Recently started production music again, after stopping for a few years, and am, like many I imagine, very interested in trailer music. There was a fascinating thread on here in fact, with some great advice and insights.

It would be wonderful if you guys, especially any of you involved in the industry, could give a quick listen to a few tracks I’ve done. I’m wondering if they’re yet of the standard to submit to trailer companies.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated,

Ed :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here’s another one if I can sneak it in!

Hi Ed- Just listened to all three. You keep getting better and better! These are high quality, compelling trailers with lots of good sound effects. The last one, I think is the best, with a great ending— a sudden completion that leaves the listener ready to see the movie.
Here are some suggestions for the first one, try some of them only if you like them.

  1. Take each section and make it shorter, without repeating it twice, then, repeat one of your sections, but with a new variation. When you get towards the end, start building up more and more big time until the very end, with a sudden, surprise ending like your third piece. I know you can do this, and see if you like it even better with this slight change.
    Great job, in general!
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Hi Dora!

Thanks so much for you kind words and advice. I only realised after posting that this was in the wrong forum and not according to the rules regarding posting music for feedback, so was convinced no one would respond. Very kind of you to do so. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ed- I really enjoyed all three pieces; all have great energy, forward motion, and clear mixes. Great job!

With regards to them within a trailer subtext, I thought Beyond Comprehension was the most successful at creating drive and drama, leaving the listener wondering what happens next. I thought Stealing Thunder was great, but beginning at the 1:30 mark, I think the chords are Am, F, G, (I’m at work so guessing at it…), it sounded to me more like the chorus to a song, and so created a sort of resolution, a resting place, rather than maintaining the intrigue. But I loved the music!

Prepare for war was great, too, strong trailer stylings.

Again- loved all three. You’re clearly talented and skilled at both the compositional side and the production side. Really want to hear more from you.

My two cents.


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Thanks so much, Steven, for having a listen and your kind feedback.

Yes, writing in this style has been a bit of a learning curve. The first and third tracks are probably too theme heavy, but without a theme I don’t feel like I’m doing my job!

Much thanks again. Looking forward to having a proper listen to the music shared on here, when I get a break. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think themes are very important, including in trailer style music. Keep writing them!

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Well, if it’s not in conflict with any rules, I’d like to share some recent experiments in composing music for pre-made, music free trailers (I got them from someone on YouTube called ‘Random Videoos’)

Again, any feedback is much appreciated. Was great fun making them.

All three are really good. The second one, Slender Man, was especially right on point!
My slight critique for the first one (The Little Things)- I thought the music in the first 40 seconds or so was maybe a bit full or loud, and so to me sort of clashed with the dialogue. After that, I thought it was right on.
The second was great from start to end. I was fully freaked out by the video and music! :^0 (I don’t do well with horror movies…)
For Queenpins, I loved the music. My slight critique- the premise and the way the characters are presented is quite comedic, but I felt the music was for a movie maybe a bit more serious. Just my personal interpretation.

I think you’re creating great soundscapes and musical elements. Keep going! Can’t wait to see your name in the credits for big time movies in the future!


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You are very talented and have a special touch. Anything you produce will have that quality. You will always have professional success and deep satisfaction from your music because of your special touch.

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Hi guys. I am an 18 year old composer trying to branch into all forms of composition. I have no formal training at a conservatory or university, but I am still avidly pursuing music. I scored a trailer recently and was just looking for some feedback.

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This music is compelling, beautiful, powerful and perfect for the scenes. You are already a professional at such a young age, proving once again that when you express your soul, you don’t necessarily need formal training, just the ability to listen, feel and give forth sincerely from raw talent. You are a success right now. I can only imagine what you will compose in the future. You are charted for greatness.

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