Fantastic suite for symphony orchestra

Hi all!

I would like to share my project in which I am the main composer. My wife wrote a book in the genre of space opera and we decided to record a soundtrack for it - a fantastic suite consisting of 2 parts and 21 numbers.

The suite is called “Seven Galaxies, Forced Journey”

My wife wrote the libretto for the suite.


Nero Nullo - Astrian scientist

Dora - Neuro’s lover

Kronos III - Emperor of the Seven Galaxies

Aspid Setkh - commander-in-chief of the fleet of the Emperor Styx

Atiy - Doctor of Technology under the Emperor of the 7 Galaxies

Opus - scientist in charge of Seth’s laboratory

Hera - scientist, Opus’s junior assistant

Gustavus - captain of the fifth cruiser

I present to you the first and second parts of the suite:

Act 1: No. 1 Victory! Astra Is Destroyed, The People Of Luma Celebrate The Liberation.

After seven years of Astra’s terrorism, Luma’s orbital station strikes, obliterating the planet and its inhabitants. Luma’s people rejoice in victory while negotiations occur between their ruler and the Emperor of the advanced Creators and Liquidators of Styx race.

The sound of the theme is solemnly major, fanfare

Act 1: No. 2 Scene Of Farewell Between Dora And Nero.

By the law of the Seven Galaxies, after the destruction of a planet, a cleansing operation must be carried out, which entails the complete obliteration of the planet’s remnants and all its inhabitants, even if they have scattered across other galaxies. Nero-Astrian, with no other choice, has to flee from Luma. He bids farewell to his beloved Dora and heads to his shuttle at the spaceport, ready to leave the planet. Ahead lies uncertainty and the weight of a long separation.

The theme is lyrical, minor key, the main motive is the sad theme of farewell, Dora’s leitmotif sounds in the background

The recording used a Nord Electro 6D synthesizer with sample orchestral banks, mastering and mixing with Logic X pro, some of the melodies were written on an AKAI EWI electric saxophone.
Recording was done on line without using midi)
Genre: Classic, Orcestral
I would be grateful for your feedback and comments, thank you
The Seven Galaxies, Forced Journey