Expression Pedal for Recording Dynamics on Strings?

I have thought about getting an expression pedal, and then mapping it to CC1 (Dynamics), so that I can record dynamic automation while playing chords with both hands on my keyboard.

Anyone here who does this, or at least have experience recording dynamics with an expression pedal? :slight_smile:

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I use expressionpedal with Eastwest Hollywood strings since they use vibrato on cc1 and expression on cc11. But unfortunately my automation curve gets choppy for some reason and I’m now looking for a solution.

Hmm so perhaps an expression pedal is not good for this use? Do you mean you can not change the output of the expression pedal to CC1?

No the expression pedal is supposed to be prefect for this. I’ve searched the internet and apparently this problem happens. Read about it and buy the right pedal and it shouldn’t be any problem. I’ve seen composer use this all the time on YouTube.
There is some problem with the translation between my pedal and my program. I think there’s also a solution to my problem on my pedal I just haven’t found it yet.

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I found the solution for my M Audio ex p pedal. For some reason it send to much midi.
I post it here if someone else have had the same problem. NOW I LOVE HAVING BOTH HANDS FREE in some plugins.
In Cubase in (edit-preferences-midi) I unchecked and than checked again the “midi through activated” than I recalibrated the pedal in STANDALONE Komplete kontrol software again.
Sideknob turned all counterclockwise for full range. And remember the switch under the pedal depending on your keyboard.

My setup:
Komlete kontrol S88
M Audio Ex P expressionpedal
Cubase 10.5

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I don’t use Cubase (I’m a Logic user), but your post is really interesting. In Logic’s Environment it should be useful to set up a trick to calibrate the expression pedal… I use it with not always good results, so I will try…

One other thing I also find useful is an app that’s called Yo midi controller. In that I setup cc 1 and cc11 on x and y axels in an x/y-pad and can quite easily control both at the same time. It’s especially good in eastwest Hollywood strings.

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I’ve tried this but it didn’t work for me as I also map expression with vib at the same time while playing parts in.

I guess you could map both to the same pedal and tweak afterwards??? That’s something I haven’t tried. I used a guitar volume pedal which was ok. Just wanted to add that I have no mapping issues doing this but I might have just been lucky :sweat_smile:


For now I have actually mapped my breath controller to send out CC1 instead of CC2 which is default for breath. This way I can use my breath controller to control dynamics on ANY instrument, not just an “air-driven” one. :slight_smile:

Also, I hate having different sets of dynamics mappings in my projects. Because then I can not copy paste between instruments and retain the dynamic curve. So I pretty much set all instruments to always respond to dynamics on CC1, and vibrato on CC2.

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