EW Hollywood Orchestra Opus and Gain plugin?

It seems that for “shorts”, I always have to add a Gain plugin in Logic to get the shorts to actually be heard.

For example, when I audition 1st violins>Shorts>Spiccato RRx9 in Opus, the volume is plenty loud but, upon using it on a track in Logic, I have to add a Gain plugin at +18dB to get it to a usable sound level in my project

Why is there such a difference between the audition volume in Opus and the volume in Logic? I realize that there is an audition volume slider in Opus but, every articulation for each instrument sounds at the same volume within Opus, it is only upon adding each articulation to the track do the volume differences become drastic

Is having to use a Gain plugin in your DAW just the cost of doing business on these short articulations? I have noticed this also happens in BBCSO Pro as well.

Thank you for any advice


I’m sorry I can’t speak to your issue, but wondered if you might share your overall opinion of EWHOO?

Right now there is an Easter sale with a considerably large discount, but I can’t afford to waste what little money I have if it isn’t the right one.

For sound I’m liking the Spitfire options, but I’m hearing that “this one doesn’t have legatos” or “that one only has ensembles” and I’m really looking for a COMPREHENSIVE library with as much user control and articulation options as possible, i.e.- ONE library that has all legatos, tremolos, vibratos, ensembles, solos, etc. even if it’s not the best sounding.

How does EWHOO live up to such wishes in your opinion? Would you have any other suggestions for an all-in-one if not?

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Well for others reading this, I figured out my issue with the shorts - in my zeal to start writing with HOOPUS, I did not bother reading the manual, which stated the volume of the shorts is controlled by velocity so, once I increased the velocity, the volume came roaring back

I love the sounds of HOOPUS - I also have BBCSO Pro and have steadily moved away from it to using HOOPUS as my main orchestral library

Very good to know, thanks! And it has all the articulations one might need: Legato, Vibrato, Tremolo, ensemble, solo, etc., or is it lacking in some like the Spitfire libraries?

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Thanks Douglas; I just purchased it and am very pleased so far!

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Happy composing!!!

I have just purchased the HOOPUS and I am learning how to make the most of it. Do any of you know how to turn on the Quick Load so that each instrument opens with this checked as default?