Euphonium Ensemble -- A Quick Intro / Explainer

Being a card carrying procrastinator I’m finally getting around to some spring cleaning. I won’t say which year.

I came across a very short explainer video I did to talk about the use of the euphonium. It’s just a few bars of an introduction of a project but it showcases the euphonium section in a rich, mellow register. It also exploits the extreme low register pedal notes (in this case a singular concert D).

If you’re not familiar with the euphonium it is a beautiful instrument capable of great warmth, lyricism, and range. It is also extremely agile (check out some of David Childs’ work with the Corey Band or Karl King marches like “The Melody Shop”). In orchestral transcriptions for wind bands the euphonium usually inherits the cello lines.

Enjoy this very quick snippet. I hope it inspires you to use this great color in your own writing and orchestrating.

If you have questions I’ll be in the area all day, as they say in the military.

Take care! Stay well! Stay sane! Stay in touch!


“When I Fall In Luv With Euph” – A quick explainer video

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