Enchanted Forest

I wanted to try to make this little fairytale/fantasy style track since I love this kind of sound but I’ve never finished a track with it. This is a variation of a short clip I made maybe three years ago, but I only got around 30 seconds done back then and then I hit a creative block. Now I picked it up again, rewrote the whole thing and this is what I got.

It’s still a bit work in progress, I stopped composing today and now I’ll listen to it for a couple days to see if there’s anything that bothers me. I’m still having trouble with the end fade out, It dies a bit too fast, I tried different things with it but It just didn’t sound good. I should maybe also exaggerate the slowdowns and dynamics a bit more.

The actual sound has its influences in a music piece that I heard in a cider commercial years ago, which in turn had its influences most probably in the music of Edward Scissorhands by Danny Elfman (Ice Dance specifically)

Instruments used: strings are from Cinematic Studio Strings, the vocals are from Mystica, Cantus, Voices of Gaia and Olympus Elements, Celesta is from Kontakt Factory Library, bassoon, oboe, marktree and french horn is from Hollywood Orchestra, and then there’s the Elysium Harp.

BPM is 120 with slowdowns from time to time.


Hi Joonas. I liked your piece. The “middle eight” section had some nice chordal/key twists before returning back to the home theme and key. I guess you had this melody floating around in your head for a long time and struggled to develop it into a finished piece. I get this a lot. 30 to 60 seconds of an idea and then placed away in a locker. I get the impression that your theme could benefit from more swells in order to add more dynamism and emotion. I’d be interested to see if you develop this motif/theme any further.:+1:
Regards, Adrian

I think the piece is very beautiful, and while I see where Adrian is coming from in terms of swells as an orchestral piece - I would say that keeping the mellow, gentle tone is the better way to go. Like how a forest gently sways with the breeze - the song captures that beautifully with its most subtle tone.

Very beautiful - calls to mind things like Tifa’s theme and the theme from the Land Before Time and Edward Scissor hands while also being quite uniquely distinct.