(Emotional Music) Friendship and Brotherhood - by Luis Humanoide

After some time without composing, I share a piece that I was able to finish this February. Belonging to a series of music where I imagine stories in a fantastic Steampunk world which I call “The Clockwork Lands”.

This is an emotional piece called: Friendship and Brotherhood

The creative vision of this music is that for a long time I have imagined a journey of some friends through these lands, those friends eventually become brothers. Although it is a steampunk world, there are no mechanical sound elements that characterize it, because it is a journey that explores more nature and the light side of human relations.

The music also is inspired by some works of James Horner, John Bassy and Howard Shore. The libraries I used are:

:small_blue_diamond:Choirs: Genesis Children Choir and Metropolis Ark 1

:small_blue_diamond:Strings: Cinematic Studio Strings, Berlin Strings first chairs, Symphobia, Lumina, SWAM modeling violin, Joshua Bell Violin

:small_blue_diamond:Woodwinds: Berlin Woodwinds, Spitfire symphonic woodwinds

:small_blue_diamond:Brass: Cinematic Studio Brass and Caspian

:small_blue_diamond:Percussion: True Strike

:small_blue_diamond:Melodic Perc: True Strike

:small_blue_diamond:Clock: Wavesfactory Clock (free)

:small_blue_diamond:Piano: Spitfire LABS Soft Piano, 8dio 1969 Steinway


Well done! This took me into a beautiful journey of well written music :wink:

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Beautiful. What a composition. You can certainly feel that journey when listening to this music.:smiley:

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What a great audio story soundscape you have here! Sounds awesome!

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Really great composition- really takes you on a journey

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