Emotional cinematic minimalism

Genre/Style: Minimalism

Creative Vision for the Track: A few days ago, listening to Einaudi’s music, I thought of taking inspiration from the minimalism genre to create this little piece of music with the aim of improving the management of the spatial depth of the instruments and the use of reverb in my template.
I used the piano which I wanted to be a little more in the foreground, the violin almost at the level of the piano (for the main motif), second violins a little further back together with the violas, and two cellos placed one quite in the center and the other to the right.
Let me know your impressions.
Thank you all

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): slow tempo

Main Instruments used: Piano, Strings (BBC SO)

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Very lovely piece. You have conveyed the Einaudi type of minimalism you wanted to portray.
I have one idea you may want to try, but it may not be necessary. I would take your piano notes, call up your piano roll editor, and vary your velocities, so that some piano notes are softer than others. Adding more to the piano dynamics can only enhance your expression. Beautiful piece!

Hi Roberto.

Loved this piece especially the video behind it.

My only recommendation would be to have it die away at the end when the sun sets.