Electro Handel ala Stu

Genre/Style: Electronic Classical ala Stu
Creative Vision for the Track: Having fun this year reimagining classical works. This is a new version of Handel’s Let Me Weep Aria from Rinaldo
Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): 3/2 58bpm (or there abouts because Logic interprets 3/2 at 6/4 double time) Key of F Major
Main Instruments used: This is all Virtual. Arturia, UJAM, Omnisphere, Solara, Apple Instruments. Really like the voice!

Handel might even like this! Hope you do too


Very inventive— modern and classical at the same time. I like the marimba-like sound in the background.

The intro to the mystery of the vast macrocosm.
A fusion of classical and modern, with a refreshing female singer’s voice.
I felt like I was moving forward step by step… I felt brave.

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Thanks Toshifumi!!! The vocals are all virtual - SOLARIA | Eclipsed Sounds - Very flexible and easy to sculp to what you want.

Wow! Very nice voice!!!
I only have a Vocaloid, but one day I’d love to get my hands on a Synthesizer V Studio too.