Ear training in soundgym

Hi Gents and Lady’s .

For a couple of weeks i use the online platform Soundgym for ear training. It helps me to get better ears on topics like equalization and compression. Still a little bit early for a grand big conclusion, but i think i’m improving, or at least better at the soundgames they offer :wink: Somebody knows this platform? and what do you think of it?

You can check it out yourself on soundgym.co




Thank you for sharing @JBraem!

I’ll try it and give a report :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Alexey :slight_smile:


I quite like Quiztones - only available for mac and ios though

Haven’t tried soundgym - have to give it a go.

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Sweet !!! I just sign up for sound gym since I think it free yah!!!
I click detect filter to start off with
Thanks for share JBraem :+1:

Thanks Phil I have not herd of Quiztones looks interesting :thinking::+1:

Ok nice to hear. Yes its free if you play a couple of tests a day. If you want to train intense, the pro membership is with a discount code (20% off) around 79,- dollar a year?. Still not cheap, but for now i give it a try.

Yes, looked also for alternatives, but not found something fun like this.

Have fun with the training…


Really cool resource. Doesn’t seem to badly priced if you go for annual. I’m surprised I haven’t seen more things like this.