Drums for Corporate


I am struggling with drums for corporate / uplifting corporate music. Can someone recommend sample packs for this style of music? Especially kicks ans snares.


I prefer acoustic drums for corporate music…however often with the kick drum being from an electronic kit, + added claps of course haha. So a hybrid I guess. :slight_smile:

The advantage of acoustic drums is the “live feel” and great dynamics and tonal difference on different velocity levels. It’s especially noticable in hi-hats and cymbals in my opinion.

For acoustic drums, my go to is still Addictive Drums. The pop kit is excellent for this style since it has that “snappy character”.

Of course, all of this depends on “what” type of corporate music you write. Some corporate tracks are more like uplifting EDM pop, and some are more acoustic rock/pop influenced.

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Thank you, Mikael!

I produced EDM, Hip-Hop, Rnb and more heavier genres of music. But for corporate music I feel that I need another drums. I like the corporate track I did, except of drums. I cannot manage to make them sound suitable.

Thank you one more time for help :slight_smile:

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I know what you mean, I do mostly orchestral/cinematic these days but also did a lot of EDM/Beats.

However, corporate music is so much…ehm…“lighter” I guess is the term. So beefy hardcore drums won’t do well lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah. I understand it, but anyway… something sounds not right. I will keep work on it :slight_smile: Practice, practice, practice… Thanks!

If you have anything finished, you can post it in the “Your Music” section, with a good track description and explaining your creative vision I’m sure you will get nice feedback from fellow composers! :slight_smile:

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