Dock for Macbook Pro mid2012 and other choices

Just wondering if I can make things a bit easier for myself. I use my MacbookPro as follows:

  • a external monitor to my display port
  • an Edirol FA66 Firewire interface to my Thunderbolt (Firewire) port
  • a M-audio keyboard to my USB port

Would it be easier to have it all connected to a dock. So when I want to set up my home-studio, I just have to connect the dock and I am ready to rumble… Only problem is; I cannot find a dock that has what I need/want… And also, I do not know if a dock will work with my interface. Had anyone experience with gear connected via a dock?

Another small thing I stumbled across is the heat of my MBP; when I connect my Edirol firewire interface to my MBP, my MBP becomes very hot.
Now is the Edirol FA66not the newest member of the interfaces, so would it be a wise choice (or upgrade) if I would go for a newer USB powered interface?