Do you VLOG on YouTube?

Hello Composers, Mike here! :slight_smile:
I am on a mission to “explode the growth of my YouTube Channel” in 2020. After almost 9 years doing almost only tutorials and tips videos, I have realized those types of videos will never reach the big audience by themselves.

I’ve discussed other video types like:

  • Music Videos
  • Covers of Famous Tracks
  • Behind the Scenes Videos

But now I have been researching a new field…VLOGGING! :stuck_out_tongue:
It seems people doing Vlogs on their YouTube channel gets really nice growth, and lots of loyal viewers. Like Christian Henson, and several other music artists/composers/producers I stumbled upon that focus on vlogs.

Do you do VLOGs on YouTube, do you have any tips/advice to share on this topic? :slight_smile: