Dedicated to those who are Deployed,

This piece was dedicated to the Service Members who are deployed, and no longer home. I’m not sure exactly what the mood of it would be, but a bit bittersweet is one possible feeling. Of course, a bit of a portrayal of the difficulties that they endure also. The sounds and composing are from the software that I often use, Melody assistant. It’s a much more advanced version of Musescore. It has a slow buildup, but stays a bit on the slow side, even, but has a decent crescendo.

The primary instruments are, piccolo, space voice, cello, polysynth, bottle blow, piano,and orchestra (Which seems to combine strings and horns)

To make it a little more interesting, I rendered it 3 times, the first time based on the standard 440 hz, then one with 398, then 402, When the 3 tracks were combined in Audacity, it produced a much more rich, interesting texture. I did a little experimenting to get to this level, first with larger differences, that made it sound really cool, but much too distorted.

The final polishing in Audacity, I used SIR, a convolution response tool, to bring about a more natural sound, instead of just reverb.

After rendering, I polished it up with Audacity.