DC Stargirl Score Competition - My entry

Hi all,
I decided to use the Spitfire new competition to learn more and so here is my composition.


Creative Vision for the Track:
I composed the music following the advice of Pinar, the composer of the original soundtrack, dividing the video into pieces and sliding for the individual parts.
At the beginning I wanted to give an imprint more of a super hero who comes to save everyone using rock guitars. While for the second part I tried to create a bit of suspense in the scene while keeping in mind the feelings of StarGirl.

Let me know what you think.

Thank you all :wink:

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):
90 bpm
root key E min

Main Instruments used:
SpitfireAudio BBC SO Core
AmpleSound Gibson SG 61 Vintage
Piano Kawai EX


I think it’s fantastic. I think you met the tone of the scene perfectly. The mix of the instruments is great and doesn’t step on the dialogue or sounds from the scene. The guitar fits really well.

My only note would be that the first part of the action cue should keep up the action for a bit longer, when the robot is lifting the back of the bus. I think the last half from “we need to find Icicle” to the end is awesome. Love the piano and strings there.

Great job!


Thanks Mike!!
You are right about stretching the music to the robot scene, my fear was to put “too much music” even on the voices of the boys in the bus.
I’m realizing that creating music for films is complicated especially to decide how much music to put and where … better to write a whole song to listen to !!! :grin: