DayDreaming / Uplifting Trance Track


As I try out different genres of Music I came to Uplifting Trance. Studied it a bit and went for a first track.

Of course I-m positive there is room for improvement… perhaps it is a little bit too long, some sounds could have been done better… perhaps a better arrangement… but I think I did improve quite a lot from my latest compositions. I think it-s a first for of me not getting a muddy mix for example.


I seriously did not have a clear vision when I started this. I knew I wanted it to sound positive… so I used a major key. G Major to be exact.

As The track started to take form I envisioned daydreaming, chilling, playing and running on the clouds… and I decided to give it an ending that would envision an “I have decided to just stay here forever” kind of feeling… I hope I achieved that.


It is 138 bpm, 4/4. G Major.


The Swoops are from a free sample pack I found on the net, The drums are from iZotope BreakTweaker (6 euro deal on pluginboutique it-s good for a firswt drum set xD).

I-ve also decided to use this track to learn how to use the Ascension synthesizer… so all of the remaining sounds in the song I crafted myself with it.