Crypt Of The Undead

I planned on writing a full score of a few minutes, but only got around to do the intro - but I figure it’s a cue in itself, so I’ll enter it… (Been working on my NaSoAlMo album, and this month has been terrible, so I wasn’t able to finish that properly either.)

Instruments are all from the OT Metropolis Ark libs, except for double basses from Spitfire Chamber Strings, and tubular bells from Spitfire Percussion. Mostly recorded reverb, except from Spaces II on the double basses (to match the Ark libs), and a touch of TC VSS3 on the master for space and motion.

Story: You enter an ancient crypt of substantial proportions. Normally, you would of course expect to find nothing but dust, and the remains of those who have passed on, but something isn’t quite right…

(The picture is from a track on the aforementioned NaSoAlMo album. My edit.)


Cool track. Definitely sounds like a cue in itself. Love those brass swells (?) and that little progression in the middle. Are the Ark samples all from Ark 1?

I had to lookup NaSoAlMo. Man… you’re writing an entire album in a month and still found the time for this, awesome. Where will your album be posted?

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There are samples from most/all of the Ark libs (mostly 2 and 4, IIRC), but it’s kind of hard to tell which is which after loading them… :smiley:

I just posted it in the Random section: NaSoAlMo (National Solo Album Month) 2019

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