Crediting the composer of a song

Hi guys

I have recently worked on a project. I have been hired for composing a christmas song.

So I qrote the lyrics, composed the song and produced it.

I jired a singer and 2 musicians and qirked with a good studio.

The song is for promoting a charity.

I have done a contract but I realise now that i should have added the fact that I wanted the name of everyone involved in the project credited everywhere.

The singer told me from the start that he didnt want his name to be associate with it before new year because he is teleasing his own christmas song. I agreed and it is mentionned in the contract.

But, the company and the charity managed to have the song well promoted, it had articles on BBC, independant, mirror,…

My mame hasn’t been mentionned at all and the singer has neen everywhere.

I have sent an email to explain my frustration and been told that nobody care about the composer anyway.

Im now very p…d off. I’m new in that industry so i have neen nauve to only rest in their promess.

It is just that it is common sens for me.

Do you think it is true that the composer should never be mentionned?

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