Creation of an arrangement From 'The First Noël)

What You see here is an classical arrangement I made of “The First Noel” based on a composition by Dan Forrest, made for String Quartet. My creative vision was to try to build this Quartet piece further into Orchestra with counter melodies etc.
The piece was made entirely with BBCSO Pro Samples (BBC Symphonic Orchestra) developed by Spitfire Audio.

In the video I tried to show some details how it is technically constructed.

On each channel I placed an EQ lowcut and a ‘Binaural Pan’, each family goes to its own reverb insert. On the master Out only a limiter and the Mid Side encoder - Decoder (MSED) plugin from Voxengo.

I wrote the arrangement in ‘Presonus Notion 6’ and the Mix was done in ‘Presonus Studio One 5’.

Last year I posted a rough version of this same song but the music was straight out of the box and not mixed. This version can be found here, that way you can compare.

Version Straight out of Notion 6 score editor (One of the best there is)

Version made with BBCSO Pro or Core

If You want more explanation, please let me know. I will then consider writing an extensive blog with all the details.

I hope this is some help and that You enjoy the music.