Covid March Nineteen

Track Description: An orchestral march with only the instruments that appear in a classical orchestra.

My Creative Vision : I play some piano myself. When I wanted to do an exercise from an old piano book by Antoine Gilis, I liked that little piece so much that I decided to try to transfer it to an orchestra.

This was the very first composition I made. I used the original melody, added a variation myself and then made an arrangement of it. I learned a lot about orchestration in a course from Mr. Rovshan Asgarzade.
(Don’t know if I may put a link here to that course?)

Because of Covid I have been at home a lot and that triggered me to start with Orchestration. That’s why it calls “Covid March Nineteen” and in my mind I see Covid just marching away :slight_smile:

Composition Overview : The composition C Major

Main Sounds : I created this with Presonus Notion 6 and used the original soundbank from Notion. There are no plugins used, only the onboard reverb.
So everything you here is traight out of the box!

I hope You enjoy it.

Thanks for listening.

My wife and I listened to this together. We both enjoyed it. I liked the way you kept building on the theme.

I’m glad you enjoyed my composition ‘Covid March Nineteen’.
Thank you.
Greetings Frank

I always thought if COVID had a theme song it’d just be a single track running 525,600 Minutes of just a single sustained wet fart.

Joking aside, it’s a wonderful piece of work. The way it grows is well done.

Ha Ha 😅😅

Actually you are right.

Of course I wrote this piece during the lockdown and I had the feeling of ‘when is this going to go away!’

That’s how the idea came up to write a march for Covid so that they would leave quickly.

Glad you liked it.

Have a nice evening.


I enjoyed the piece - I liked the build-up throughout and the marching drums at the end

Did you try this in a minor key at all? C Major seems too happy for lockdowns :slight_smile:

Great work though

Hi Douglas,
that’s a good idea. A Minor scale might sound even better. I’m going to transpose this piece and then elaborate it in my DAW with good samples.
What you’ve heard now is the composing stage in Presonus Notion 6 right out of the box.
I’m glad you liked it.
Thanks for the idea. :wink:

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