Covid March Nineteen

Track Description: An orchestral march with only the instruments that appear in a classical orchestra.

My Creative Vision : I play some piano myself. When I wanted to do an exercise from an old piano book by Antoine Gilis, I liked that little piece so much that I decided to try to transfer it to an orchestra.

This was the very first composition I made. I used the original melody, added a variation myself and then made an arrangement of it. I learned a lot about orchestration in a course from Mr. Rovshan Asgarzade.
(Don’t know if I may put a link here to that course?)

Because of Covid I have been at home a lot and that triggered me to start with Orchestration. That’s why it calls “Covid March Nineteen” and in my mind I see Covid just marching away :slight_smile:

Composition Overview : The composition C Major

Main Sounds : I created this with Presonus Notion 6 and used the original soundbank from Notion. There are no plugins used, only the onboard reverb.
So everything you here is traight out of the box!

I hope You enjoy it.

Thanks for listening.