Cosmic Delights

A new astrophotographic music video with a new soundtrack.
Composed in Cakewalk using the Vienna Symphonic Library Orchestral Cube and the VSL Choir.




Hi Jerry- Right around 3.34 minutes the music becomes even more beautiful. Fantastic work— both the music and the photography. Your work continues to inspire.

Hi Jerry,
I’m glad to meet you here again!
It’s always a pleasure to hear your fine merges of classical instrumentarium with synths. It adds an extra dimension to music when used in a clever way. You’re a true master in this as shown in this piece again.
The choir has a dominant function here (VSL choirs ?) and sounds superb! I like the overall ambience a lot, as well as the composition as a whole.
Thanks for sharing.

Hi Jos,

Nice to hear from you. I hardly spend any time on forums these days so I hadn’t seen your kind comments until now.

I’m glad you enjoyed Cosmic Delights.


Hi Jerry. I was drawn immediately by the notes that weaved a mysterious mood and stayed until the end since the musical phrases and instrumentation had so much to say… on what’s beyond. The cosmic theme is very well conveyed in your music. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks Marc. I’m glad you enjoyed this music video…