[Composition] SputNik

Hello all composers
here is my last composition
it is an electronic ambiant track, not an orchestral neither classical
sound like Jean Michel Jarre sometime
the tempo is 135 bpm
the key is a pentatonic scale (only black key)
a lot of virtual synth has been used, Vocoder V, Moog V, juno60, Oxypop , TR606 andTr808 from roland cloud,kv31 player, and also some ahrdware synth like the roland system 8 for the theremin sound, the korg delta for white noise with flanger, the korg 03RW and roland MVS1 for strange noise
thanks for listening

hi, keen to listen to this as it’s the kind of music I’ve been doing recently - but Soundcloud can’t find the track and I get an error mesage.

i think there is a problem with soundcloud , i try to listen others compositors i have the same problem, i have contacted soundcloud

different error message now -

here is the answer of the technical support of soundcloud :slight_smile: Hi there,

Thanks for writing in and sincere apologies about this.

We’re currently experiencing an unexpected outage, but have all hands on deck right now working to resolve the issue.

We’re updating our Status page with more details here and will communicate there when we are back up and running.

Thank you for your patience here. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns after this is resolved.


soundcloud is now up, you can listen

listened - and left a comment ! :slight_smile:

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