Collaborating via internet & short form composing

Hello Creatives,
Does anyone work with other musicians on projects by sending them a track and they record their part and send back?
Or do you always fly solo?

Also, does anyone here compose and produce :15 or :30 tracks for radio & TV commercials, etc.?

Thank you for your input!

You mean like for vocal tracks?

Actually Jim, I meant instrumentalists.
I sometimes prefer to use REAL players on tracks as opposed playing it myself or using loops.

I haven’t done this with instruments yet. But I did just do this with singers last month. I needed a choir part and found some people who wanted to sing on my project. I also sang on it so I sent them my mix with my own vocal part. I actually put a lot of different mixes in a Google drive they could all access. I did a full mix with my vocal, full without, separated stems, a click track, and kind of a narrator track where I just recorded myself doing a count in for each section they needed to record. When they were done they put their recordings in the Google drive so I could download them and add them to my mix project.

On the one hand it added some extra wait time where I couldn’t really do anything on the project until I got their recordings. On the other hand it gave me an outcome better than I could have done alone and it was a lot of fun.

Hi Mike,

Do they all have a pro set-up with great mics?
I have access to terrific singers that I use for backup parts.
I find most singers do not have a pro sound --so I have them come to my studio.

That said, I was primarily asking about instrumentalists; violinists, sax players, etc.

Anyhoo, thanks for the input!

I don’t know for sure what mics they had, but they were part of an online community called Virtual Video Game Orchestra which is all about doing online collaborations like that. So I knew they had experience with that sort of thing, and must have at least decent equipment to be a part of that group. And, since it was a choir part I wasn’t dealing with anything that was going to be solo or up-front, so I was pretty confident I’d be able to get a good mix from anything that was even halfway decently recorded. And there were enough parts recorded that I could just dip one out if it hit a bad spot. I did have to do some noise reduction on most of them. If this was something I was hiring for and I didn’t have any background knowledge of the performers, I would definitely be asking questions about gear before anything was recorded.

Well, that’s interesting. And thanks for the VV Game Orchestral info.

My work is 90% TV & radio commercials, :15, :30 spots and there’s little call for full orchestration music beds.
Hence my second question in my original post asking if anyone in this forum does that kind of composing. I was just curious. But it appears most (if not all) creatives here do long form.

Oh - checked out your YT site! Bravo!!
Nice meeting you!

Hi Lori - I usually commission singers and voice talent on I send them my drafts and we work together to get the final product. There is some pretty amazing talent out there - you can check out the ones I’ve worked with on my page.

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Oh, right. Fiverr. Thanks for reminding me about that site, Stuart.
I just perused it and found three violinists I can check out.

Oh - I listened to some of your tracks; well done! You’re a talented guy!
I have a SC account but haven’t uploaded in a while.

Lastly, we have GREAT VO talent on our website; English, Spanish, French Canadian, even kids.
Check it out when you have the time!

Enjoy the day and thanks again!

Hi Lori - will certainly check out audiogirlproductions!

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