Classical orchestral composition for piano and orchestra

Hi guys, here is my recent orchestral composition for piano and strings in B flat maj, 80 tempo. It is written in a fantasy style and was pretty much influence by Alan Silvestri soundtrack to Practical magic movie. I used all my knowledge of orchestration in it, as I am currently studying orchestration with a private teacher. thank you for listening. I also wrote a score for it in a notation software


Light and airy, a bit dreamy. Very nice Julia! It fit the fantasy style nicely. Overall, I think the orchestration was good, but the oboe or high clarinet in the beginning was a bit too loud and overpowering. One technique to consider, maybe you already know, is if you want a solo instrument to be a bit more subtle, use it in one of its weaker registers.

Very good though. I enjoy your compositions!

thank you Matt! it is flute and oboe. no clarinet. i likethe high register at the beginning. besides, oboe sounds really nice exactlyin the high register. it is the dynamics i need to work on, not the choice of instruments or their register in this piece.

Very beautiful composition! I like it !
I agree that the flute & oboe at the beginning were a little bit, and just a little bit, loud but it was not bad at all, and as you said, working on the dynamics is the thing to do.
Thank you for sharing this piece, i really enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

Have a great day!